Welcome to SAM’s Visitor Center. SAM is the one-stop-shop where you will find the necessary elements (tools, examples, and samples) to create performance-based solutions for your service acquisition requirements. Please visit SAM often as it will be regularly updated to further assist you in your service acquisition endeavors.

If this is your first visit to the Mall, we encourage you to watch our “Welcome to SAM” video. It will give you an overview of what you will find in SAM in order to maximize your time on the site.

SAM’s Objective

A critical problem faced in acquiring services is the difficulty the government encounters sharing their experience and knowledge gained in developing requirements and acquisition strategies. Acquisition teams often reinvent the wheel for acquiring services. The purpose of SAM is to help acquisition professionals learn how to build good performance-based contracts for the types of services they are trying to purchase.

SAM is a website that provides a “hands-on” resource to help you build your Performance Based Service Acquisition.

There are many resources and websites dedicated to the Service Acquisition Process. What makes the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM) different than the rest?

  • SAM is an evolutionary initiative. It is designed to expand the government’s ability to share good ideas and best-in-class examples of how services can be acquired effectively and efficiently. SAM will expand over time to contain information in its service-related “Wings” with specific service type requirements and business strategies. In 2012 a ninth Wing was added to reflect the addition of Logistics Management Services to the services portfolio.
  • SAM contains tutorials about each of the Seven Steps of Service Acquisition. Each step is described in audio/video and slide format. The information in these tutorials comes from the perspective of both upper-level management and worker-level hands-on experiences.
  • SAM contains templates, examples, and samples for you to use as you navigate through the service acquisition process. Feel free to download these tools and use them as the model for your own service acquisition project.

SAM Needs You

Building SAM takes your participation. We need your help to continually improve this online resource. Without your feedback, the Mall Managers will not know what we need to do to better equip you to write exceptional service contracts.

Please send us your questions, requests, opinions, and suggestions by clicking on the Contact Us link in the footer of each page.