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Service Acquisition Process Videos

Service Acquisition
Process Overview

Video Length - 4:06

Step One
Form the Team

Video Length - 3:01

Step Two
Review Current Strategy

Video Length - 4:53

Step Three
Market Research

Video Length - 3:33

Step Four
Requirements Definition

Video Length - 3:39

Step Five
Acquisition Strategy

Video Length - 2:47

Step Six
Execute the Strategy

Video Length - 3:39

Step Seven
Performance Management

Video Length - 2:40

Generic Work Product Videos

Team Charter

Video Length - 4:29

Stakeholder Analysis

Video Length - 3:42

Communication Plan

Video Length - 2:54

Project Plan

Video Length - 3:27

Requirements Roadmap

Video Length - 7:26


Video Length - 5:03


Video Length - 6:53

Miscellaneous Videos

Welcome to SAM

Video Length - 5:33

ARRT Suite Videos

Requirements Definition
Tool Overview

Video Length- 5:15

Requirement Development
(A-H) Process

Video Length- 13.49

Writing Effective

Video Length - 3:24

Writing Tasks

Video Length - 12:02

Performance Standards

Video Length - 7:33

Relating Inspection
to Standards

Video Length - 2:01

ARRT Connection

Video Length - 2:08

ARRT Projects

Video Length - 4:31

Using Classifications

Video Length - 3:09

Evaluation Factors
Tool Overview

Video Length - 5:40

Performance Assessment
Tool Overview

Video Length - 5:53

Cost Estimation
Tool Overview

Video Length - 6:22

Cost Estimation
Contract Years Overview

Video Length - 2:27