The key components to an effective Performance Work Statement are the Tasks. Tasks specify what must be accomplished to satisfy a requirement. They consist of Results (or outputs), Contexts, and Actions. For more information, watch the "Writing Effective Task Statements" video in the Video Kiosk.

The Requirement Statement Builder was created to help you practice writing effective Task Statements using the process used in the ARRT Requirements Definition tool.

A) What are the desired outputs(s) / results of the service that the contractor is to provide?
B) What does this task pertain to? Enter the specific context(s) for this result.
C) What actions do you want the contractor to execute to accomplish this result(s)?

There are two (2) methods to adding components to create a Task:

  • Manually typing in Results, Contexts, and Actions
    • Type your Result/Context/Action in the box next to the "Add" button. As you type, built-in options may appear. Once you have completed typing, click the "Add" button.
  • Picking components from the dropdown list
    • Click the dropdown arrow to see an alphabetized list. Select the Result/Context/Action you want to use and click the "Add" button.

Once you have selected the components you need for the Task Statement, click the "Generate" button to see the Task.

Other functionality includes:

  • Up and Down arrows - you can change the order of your component by selecting a Result/Context/Action and clicking the Up and Down Arrow buttons.
  • "Remove" button - removes a Result/Context/Action from the Task.