Sample Performance Standards

SAM is a resource for tools, samples, examples, guidance, and training.  An integral part of successfully obtaining a service contract is completing the Requirements Roadmap Worksheet.  The key objective of the Roadmap is to facilitate developing a Performance Work Statement (PWS) based on clear Task Statements and Performance Standards.

Performance Standards define what level of execution is required to meet a Task Statement.  An effective Standard answers the question, "When will I know the Task Statements have been met?"

To watch a video about writing effective Standards, visit the Video Kiosk.

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CostCostCompleted within cost
CostCostCost and schedule are realistic
CostCostCost effective
CostCostValue added
QualityAccurateErrors will be no more than XX per event
QualityAccurateIdentifies and corrects deficiencies
QualityAccurateIdentifies corrective actions
QualityAccurateIdentifies deficiencies
QualityAccurateIndependently verifiable
QualityAccurateNo more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
QualityAccurateNo substantive or repeated flaws
QualityAccurateReports are accurate
QualityAccurateVerify / Validate
QualityCleanlinessAdequately stocked
QualityCleanlinessAll items protected from damage
QualityCleanlinessClear of debris
QualityCleanlinessContainers emptied
QualityCleanlinessDeep cleaned
QualityCleanlinessFree of dirt, dust, spots, streaks, graffiti, bugs, and all foreign residue
QualityCleanlinessItems below raised floors are protected from damage
QualityCleanlinessMinimize interference with daily operations
QualityCleanlinessMoved items returned to their original position
QualityCleanlinessNo more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
QualityCleanlinessProtects the integrity of the surface and finish
QualityCleanlinessSanitary / sanitized
QualityCleanlinessUniform gloss finish
QualityCompleteAddresses all errors and inadequacies
QualityCompleteAddresses all program areas
QualityCompleteIdentifies and corrects deficiencies
QualityCompleteIdentifies corrective actions
QualityCompleteIdentifies deficiencies
QualityCompleteIdentify trends and areas of improvement
QualityCompleteIs Enterprise wide
QualityCompleteNo substantive or repeated flaws
QualityCompleteProvides Continuous operation
QualityCompliantCompliant with applicable standards
QualityCompliantCompliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
QualityCompliantIn required format (written, oral, presentation, etc.)
QualityCompliantIndependently verifiable
QualityCompliantMeets security safeguards
QualityCompliantMeets technical specifications
QualityCompliantNo more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
QualityCompliantSafeguarded from theft and damage
QualityCompliantSecurity Protected
QualityEffectiveCan be reconfigured
QualityEffectiveChronologically Tracked
QualityEffectiveData is usable for analysis
QualityEffectiveDemonstrates efficiencies
QualityEffectiveDemonstrates improvements
QualityEffectiveEarly identification of problems
QualityEffectiveEffectively incentivizes work-force
QualityEffectiveIdentifies and corrects deficiencies
QualityEffectiveIdentifies corrective actions
QualityEffectiveIdentifies deficiencies
QualityEffectiveIdentify trends and areas of improvement
QualityEffectiveIn a friendly and courteous manner
QualityEffectiveMaintains continuity
QualityEffectiveMinimizes and avoids injury
QualityEffectiveMitigates risk
QualityEffectiveNo more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
QualityEffectiveNo negative impact to the mission
QualityEffectiveOperational 24/7
QualityEffectiveOperationally relevant
QualityEffectiveOutages are scheduled to minimize impact on operations
QualityEffectivePlan clearly and accurately assesses the importance of identified resources
QualityEffectiveProvides clear guidance and effective shortcuts for users
QualityEffectiveResponsive to re-tasking
QualityImplementableIdentifies and corrects deficiencies
QualityImplementableIdentifies deficiencies
QualityImplementableMaintains continuity
QualityImplementableNo negative impact to the mission
QualityImplementablePlan can be implemented with minimum impact to system users
QualityImplementableRecommended solutions and procedures are implementable
QualityInnovativeAddresses emerging capabilities
QualityInnovativeDemonstrates efficiencies
QualityInnovativeDemonstrates improvements
QualityInnovativeEarly identification of problems
QualityInnovativeIdentifies corrective actions
QualityInnovativeNo substantive or repeated flaws
QualityInnovativeProvides technology refreshment
QualityInnovativeTakes advantage of innovations
QualityInteroperableEnsure compatibility with existing devices/systems
QualityInteroperableIndependently verifiable
QualityInteroperableNo substantive or repeated flaws
QualityInteroperableProvide interoperable systems
QualityMeets ThresholdsMaintains XX% operational readiness status
QualityMeets ThresholdsNo more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
QualityMeets ThresholdsProcess XX calls per hour with a surge capacity of YY calls
QualityMeets ThresholdsSupports up to XX events per day
QualityMeets ThresholdsSystem available not less than XX%
QualityMeets ThresholdsWithin XX% of design load
QualityPortabilityExecutable on a variety of platforms [Specify]
QualityPortabilityFull services device phone numbers must be transferable
QualityPortabilitySolutions are reusable
QualityRepeatableIdentifies and corrects deficiencies
QualityRepeatableIdentifies deficiencies
QualityRepeatableIndependently verifiable
QualityRepeatableMistakes are not recurrent
QualityRepeatableProcesses shall be repeatable
QualitySupportableIdentify trends and areas of improvement
QualitySupportableIndependently verifiable
QualitySupportableLeverages relevant technologies
QualitySupportableRecommendations made are supportable by quantified analysis
QualitySupportableScientifically supportable
QualitySupportableUtilizes best scientific practices and commercial data
TimelyMeets SchedulesCompletes actions within specified deadlines
TimelyMeets SchedulesDeliverables are made in accordance with schedule
TimelyMeets SchedulesEarly identification of problems
TimelyMeets SchedulesMeets Schedules
TimelyMeets SchedulesServices meet frequency requirements IAW contract schedule
TimelyReal TimeAs it happens during operations within XX seconds
TimelyReal TimeItems are tracked in real time
TimelyReal TimeReal Time
TimelyResponsiveAddressed within XX hours of notification
TimelyResponsiveCalls answered within XX rings
TimelyResponsiveEarly identification of problems
TimelyResponsiveNo more than XX minutes on hold
TimelyResponsiveProblem resolution within XX hours
TimelyResponsiveRestoration of service within XX hours
TimelyResponsiveTrouble tickets resolved within XX hours
TimelyResponsiveVerified within XX days
TimelyResponsiveXX% of Tier 1 calls resolved without re-direct