Sample Performance Element Components

SAM is a resource for tools, samples, examples, guidance, and training.  An integral part of successfully obtaining a service contract is completing the Requirements Roadmap Worksheet.  The key objective of the Roadmap is to facilitate developing a Performance Work Statement (PWS) based on clear Task Statements and Performance Standards.

The list of Sample Performance Element Components below can be searched and/or filtered by the type of element it is (Action, Result, or Context). 


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Result Count: 167

acquisition strategy Result
analyses Result
analyze Action
architecture Result
architecture baselines Result
archiving Result
assess Action
assist in Action
audit Action
audits Result
automate Action
bind Action
bridge scheduling Result
briefings Result
call legitimacy Result
capabilities Result
capture Action
CD ROMs Result
certification Result
certification documentation Result
change control analysis Result
collate Action
communications traffic Result
component testing Result
computer based training Result
Computer Lab Context
conduct Action
connectivity Result
content imaging Result
control actions Result
coordinate Action
copy Action
cost Result
create Action
Critical Design Reviews (CDR) Result
cross-schedule risk Result
curricula Result
data asset reporting Result
data change impact analysis Result
data disaster recovery Result
database analysis Result
decision documentation Result
deficiency reporting documentation Result
define Action
design Action
develop Action
distribute Action
emerging technology Result
equipment specifications Result
establish Action
evaluate Action
facilitators Result
facility checklists Result
facility floor plan configurations Result
facsimile equipment Result
file plans Result
files Result
forms Result
generate Action
handbooks Result
handle Action
hire Action
identify Action
implement Action
Information Assurance (IA) policy Result
installation safety issues Result
integrate Action
Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Result
interface Action
Interface Control Documents (ICD) Result
interoperability requirements Result
IT support Result
logbooks Result
maintain Action
manage Action
management Result
management support Result
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Result
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Result
milestones Result
mission assurance process improvements Result
Modeling and Simulation (M&S) requirements Result
monitor Action
multimedia equipment Result
multimedia events Result
network Result
network operating system software problems Result
online reports Result
operate Action
operating instructions Result
operational concepts Result
oversee Action
papers Result
participate Action
perform Action
periodic facility requirements analysis Result
peripherals Result
Personal Computers (PC) Result
plan Action
planning Result
pre-acquisition strategy Result
Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR) Result
prepare Action
prepare for Action
present Action
presentation materials Result
prime contractor performance Result
print Action
procedure documentation Result
procedure documents Result
process Action
process improvements Result
program assets Result
Program Management Review (PMR) Result
program metrics Result
Program Office Context
provide Action
qualified instructors Result
quality assurance reviews Result
recommend Action
report Action
reports Result
resolve Action
retrieval Result
review Action
risk management plans Result
risk management strategies Result
scan Action
schedule Action
security accreditation Result
special studies Result
staff coordination Result
status reporting Result
status reports Result
storyboards Result
subcontractor performance Result
subsystem testing Result
support Action
system assessments Result
system design baseline Result
system integration Result
system level architecture Result
system program capabilities Result
system segment specifications Result
system specifications Result
system test plans Result
system testing Result
systems administration documentation Result
systems test safety engineering Result
technical publications Result
technical reviews Result
test Action
test execution Result
test planning Result
Tier 2 customer support Result
track Action
tracking Result
tracking system Result
Trading Partner Agreements (TPA) Result
training courses Result
training database Result
training requirements Result
troubleshoot Action
update Action
user accounts Result
Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Result
XYZ System Context