ARRT Requirements Definition


Welcome to the ARRT Requirements Definition, an automated job assistance tool used to write performance-based requirements. Using the tool, you can create Performance Work Statements (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP), and Performance Requirement Summaries (PRS). This tool is developed in Microsoft Office applications and generates Microsoft Word documents for use in your acquisition.

The ARRT Requirements Definition is a tool based on the Requirements Roadmap methodology for creating performance based service contracts. The process captured in the tool helps automate the data collection, management, and products from Step Four of the Seven Step Service Acquisition Process.

To effectively begin using the tool to write your requirement you should have performed Steps 1 through 3 capturing the following materials that will provide important insight as you develop your requirement:

  • Project (requirement) vision and mission
  • Market Analysis
  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment
  • Expected results and products

The ARRT Requirements Definition embedded methodology produces better requirements. Its step-by-step approach guides the user through questions, using the answers to create the documents. This user guidance throughout the tool makes it easy to use while producing usable products.

In addition, SAM is a resource for help on the ARRT Suite. You are encouraged to watch the introductory and training videos prior to starting work. If you need additional assistance while working in ARRT Requirements Definition, please refer to the Help Guide.

You can also visit SAM's Skill Development Center for more training on Requirement Definition concepts as well as an interactive game.

To register and download the latest version of the tool, we suggest you first read the Download Instructions and then go to the Download page by clicking the the "Click Here to Download" image below.


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