Requirements Definition

A critical portion of a PWS is defining requirements. The ARRT Requirements Definition provides a step by step process (A-H) for defining your specific requirements. A hierarchical, or work breakdown structure, is provided by the tool to clearly capture and organize these requirements.

Each requirement consists of a clear Statement, performance Standards, Inspection methodologies, and Deliverables.

Requirements Definition Main Page

The main Requirements Definition page is where you can create, modify, and manage your requirements.

  • "Manage Deliverables" button - opens a dialog where you can enter or edit Deliverables associated with the Project. For more information on this, go to the Deliverables Help page.
  • "Related Documents" button - opens the Related Documents form.
  • "Summary Report" button- opens a summary that shows the alignment between a Statement and its Standards, Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), and Inspection information.
  • "Export WBS" button - exports a list of the Work Breakdown Structure to MS Word for your review.
  • Keyword Search - feature that lets you find words or phrases in your Project.
  • "Search" button - executes the Search function.
  • "Collapse/Expand" button - one-click capability to collapse or expand the Statement list for easier viewing.
  • "Disable Popup" checkbox - use this feature to turn on/off the Requirement Summary that appears when clicking on a Statement.
  • "Add" - opens a form to create a new Statement. The process of writing your Statement is covered in the 'Requirements Definition - Statements' Help Section.
  • "Edit" - opens the currently selected Statement Editor so you can make changes to the Statement.
  • "Copy" - makes a duplicate of the currently selected Statement.
  • Up and Down Arrows - change the order of the currently selected Statement.
  • Left and Right Arrows - moves the currently selected Statement to a higher or lower WBS level.
  • "Move" - opens the Move Statement dialog box. This box is described in the "Move Statement" section.
  • "Delete" - removes the Statement from your list. Please note: this action cannot be undone.
  • "View Fullscreen" button - opens the WBS list in a wider view for easier manipulation. More information on this function is provided below.
  • Grow/Shrink Font buttons - changes the font in the Requirements list for customized viewing.
  • "Whiteboard" button - the Whiteboard is a handy location where you can record notes to yourself or other users for reference. This data is not visible in any of the finished products that the tool creates.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Project Information page.
    • "Where Am I" button - displays where you are in the process flow.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Relative Importance page.

Requirement Summary Popup

On the Requirements Definition Main Page, you can click on a Statement and a popup window will appear with summary of the requirement's Statement, Standards/AQLs, Inspection information, and Deliverables. This can be used as a quick reference or as a mode to make edits by clicking on the blue arrows to navigate to Statement, Standards / AQLs, Inspection, or Deliverable sections.

In the popup you will notice a checkbox over the four sections. When you are satisfied with the completeness of these sections, click the corresponding checkbox. You can click the "Check/Uncheck All" button to do a mass change of these settings. The tool will track your Requirements to help ensure that your Work Products are complete.

Fullscreen WBS

The Fullscreen WBS page has the same functionality described above in the Requirements Definition Main Page section. To exit this view, click the "Close" button at the top right.

Move a Task to Another HLO

The ARRT Requirements Definition allows you to move Statements between WBS levels without losing their contents. Follow these directions to perform this action:

  • Select the WBS Statement you want to move.
  • Click the "Move" button to open the Move dialog box.
  • If moving the Statement to another Project within the tool, use the dropdown list to select the Project name.
  • Select the location in the list in the bottom box where you want to move the Statement.
  • Click the "Move" button.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is a synopsis of all of the requirements in a Project. The Summary is the equivalent to a Requirements Roadmap discussed in Step Four of the Seven Step Acquisition Process.

  • "Where Am I" button - displays where you are in the process flow.
  • "Close" button - closes the Summary Report and navigates to the previous page.
  • "Export" button - click this button to publish your Summary Report to MS Word for further editing and finalization.

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