Relative Importance

The ARRT Requirements Definition provides tools for assigning the relative importance (or weight) of the requirements. This importance can be used for a wide variety of reasons throughout your acquisition. Please note: you are not required to use the importance feature to complete your PWS.

Relative Importance

The Relative Importance page has much of the same functionality as the Requirements Definition pages where you can create, modify, and manage your requirements.

  • "Export to Word" button - exports a list of the Importance Summary to MS Word for your review.
  • "Collapse" and "Expand" button - one-click capability to collapse or expand the Statement list for easier viewing.
  • "Disable Popup" checkbox - use this feature to turn on/off the Relative Importance Summary that appears when clicking on a Statement.
  • "Add" - opens a new form to create a new Statement. The process of writing your Statement is covered in the 'Requirements Definition - Statements' Help Section.
  • "Edit" - opens the Statement Editor so you can make changes to your Statement.
  • "Copy" - makes a duplicate of the currently selected Statement.
  • Up and Down Arrows - change the order of the Statement.
  • Left and Right Arrows - moves a Statement to a higher or lower WBS level.
  • "Move" - opens the Move Statement dialog box. This box is described in the "Move Statement" section.
  • "Delete" - removes the Statement for your list. Please note: this action cannot be undone.
  • "Whiteboard" button - the Whiteboard is a handy location where you can record notes to yourself or other users for reference. This data is not visible in any of the finished products that the tool creates.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Requirement Definition page.
    • "Where Am I" button - displays where you are in the process flow.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Work Products page.

To assign Importance, or weighting, to a Statement:

  • Make sure the "Disable Popup" checkbox is unchecked.
  • Select the Statement in the list to launch the Importance popup.
  • Give the Statement an Importance by clicking the appropriate radio-button based on a five point scale.
    • To learn how to change the Importance scale, go to the Tool Settings page.

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