ARRT Performance Assessment

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Welcome to the ARRT Performance Assessment, a tool designed to assist Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) in monitoring and reporting contractor performance. The tool imports the QASP created in the ARRT Requirements Definition, allowing for edits to be made in order to sustain alignment between requirements. The ARRT Performance Assessment also assists in generating an assessment schedule and guides CORs as they go about executing the plan. The final work product of the tool is a complete set of Contractor Performance Assessment Reports System (CPARS) inputs that the COR can use to rate and communicate with the contractor.

The ARRT Performance Assessment contains user guidance throughout the tool, making it easy to use while producing usable products. In addition, SAM is an added resource for help on the ARRT Suite. You are encouraged to watch the introductory and training videos prior to starting work in this tool. If you need additional assistance while working in the ARRT Performance Assessment, please refer to the Help Guide.

To register and download the latest version of the tool, we suggest you first read the Download Instructions and then go to the Download page by clicking the the "Click Here to Download" image below.


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