Contract List

The Contract List is the hub for tool activity.

Contract List

The Contract List is the jumping-off point for the ARRT Performance Assessment. Functionality on this page includes:

  • Folders List - allows you to keep Contracts stored in folders for easier maintenance.
  • Contracts List- shows a list of existing Contracts for you to work on.
  • "New" button - takes you to the "Contract Information" page where you can begin the process of creating a new Contract.
  • "Copy" button - makes a copy of a Contract and all of its contents.
  • "Delete" button - moves a Contract and all of its components to the Trash Bin.
  • "Import" button - navigates you to the import pages where you can determine what type of import you want to perform. More information on this topic can be found below.
  • "Manage Contracts List" button - navigates to the "Contracts List" where you can manage the contract data sets in the tool. These "contracts" are not to be confused with the ARRT Performance Assessment projects/contracts. These "contracts" contain the specific contract details. For more information on this topic, go to the Contract List Management section below.
  • "Manager Contractors List" button - navigates you to a list of Contractors used in the tool that you can manage. For more information on this topic, go to the Contractor List Management section below.
  • "Manage Folders" button - opens the Folder Manager. For more information on this topic, go to the Folder Editor section below.
  • Trash Bin button - opens the Trash Bin where you can view deleted Contracts. For more information on this topic, go to the Trash Bin section below.
  • Grow/Shrink Font buttons - changes the font in the Folder and Contract lists for customized viewing.
  • Contract Information - shows the name of the Contract you have selected in the Contract List.
    • Contract Name- shows the name of a Contract.
    • Contract Number - shows the official number of the Contract.
    • Contract Effective Date - shows the start date of the Contract.
    • Contractor Name - shows the Contractor responsible for completing the work in the Contract.
    • Creation Date - shows the date a Contract was originally created.
  • "Enable Multiple Contract Viewing" checkbox - this functionality allows you to view the planned Assessments for all Contracts within the selected Folder. This will allow you to view all of the Contracts' upcoming Assessments on the Assessment Execution tab.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Start Page.
    • "Where Am I" button - opens the tool process flow diagram.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Contract Information page.

Import Page

There are two types of imports that users can perform in the ARRT Performance Assessment tool:

  • Import another ARRT Performance Assessment Project - users can share projects between different versions of the tool.
  • Import a QASP from ARRT Requirements Definition - users can use a QASP created in a version of the ARRT Requirements Definition as the basis for a project in the ARRT Performance Assessment.

Contract Import

ARRT Performance Assessment users can share contracts between different versions of the tool by using the "Import" function. To perform this function, follow the instructions below:

  • Select the file that contains the desired Contract by clicking the "Browse" button.
    • Navigate to the file by searching for the folder where it is saved.
    • Click "OK" when you have selected the file.
  • Select the Contract you want to import by selecting the Contract in the ARRT Performance Assessment Contracts list.
  • Click the "Import" button.
  • A confirmation window will appear where you can either cancel or confirm the import.
  • If the import is successful, an "Import Complete" dialog will appear.

Folder Manager

The Folder Manager allows you to create, manage, and delete the folders that exist in the tool. After selecting a folder in the top list you can do any of the following:

  • "New Folder" button - reveals fields where you can create a new Folder
  • "Edit/Mode" button - reveals fields where you can edit an existing Folder name and change it's location.
  • "Delete" button - deletes the currently selected Folder and all of the Contracts inside that Folder. Please note: this action cannot be undone.

The two lists at the bottom of the page provides an easy method to move Contracts from one Folder to another. Simply select the Folders in each list and use the Right and Left arrow buttons to move the Contracts. You can move multiple Contracts by holding down the Shift and Ctrl buttons on your keyboard as you select the Contracts to be moved.

Trash Bin

The Trash Bin holds all Contracts that have been deleted. You can select a Contract in the list to see the Contract Information.

  • "Delete" button - permanently deletes the selected Contract(s). Please note: this action cannot be undone.
  • "Restore" button - removes the selected Contract(s) from the Trash Bin and restores it back to the Contract List.

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