While working in the tool, you will see a purple banner at the top of the majority of pages. This banner tells you which step you are working on in the ARRT Performance Assessment process. You can return to the Main Page by clicking on the purple ARRT logo on the far left.

Purple Banner

On the right side of the banner you can click buttons that may be helpful while you are working in the tool:

  • "?" button - opens the Guidance for the current page or dialog.
  • Notepad - opens the Comments feature. The number next to the sticky-note icon on the Comments button denotes how many Comments exist for the current Project.


While working in the ARRT Evaluation Factors tool, you can create Comments related to the Project or specific topic areas you are working on. These Comments are meant for internal use only.

The Comments form has a lot of functionality.

  • "Close" - closes the Comments form.
  • "New Comment" - opens a blank form where you can enter new Comments. More information is available on this form in the section below.
  • "Delete All" - removes all of the Comments in a Project. Please note: this action cannot be undone, however there is a warning dialog to prompt you before the delete is performed.
  • "X" - deletes a specific Comment. Please note: this action cannot be undone.
  • "Edit" - opens a Comment to allow you to review and make changes.

New Comment

The New Comment form allows you to add or edit a new Comment to the tool.

  • "Save and Close" - commits your data and closes the Comment form.
  • Date - the tool automatically inputs today's date into this field, however you can change this if necessary.
  • Author - the person who made the Comment. Input your name or select from the dropdown list.
  • Assigned To - the person who should address the Comment. Input a name or select from the dropdown list.
  • Status - allows you to manage whether and how a Comment has been addressed. Select the state of the Comment from the dropdown list. This will aid in keeping your Comments organized.
  • Priority - the importance of the item. Select how pressing the information in your Comment is from the dropdown list.
  • Type - the category of the project where a Comment applies. Use the dropdown list to select what level of the Project the Comment relates to.
  • Item - specific data point in the Project the Comment relates to. Use the dropdown list to select the appropriate item. As you change the selected item in this list, the tool will open the appropriate form that the Comments relates to.
  • Comment - your Comment text.


The Help/Guidance form instructs you on what you are to do on the page you are currently working on in the tool. Other functionality on this form includes:

  • "Get Help from SAM" button - launches your internet browser on the page on SAM for the page you are currently working on in the tool.
  • "Close" button - closes the Help form.

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