Relative Importance

The ARRT Evaluation Factors provides a method for assigning the Relative Importance of your Factors. This functionality is used only with Projects with a Trade Off Best Value Source Selection Approach. This step is skipped for a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Project.

Relative Importance

The Relative Importance page has much of the same functionality as the Factors page where you can modify and manage your Factors.

  • "Edit" button - opens a dialog that allows you to edit an existing Factor. More information on this function is provided below.
  • Up Arrow button - moves a Factor or Subfactor up in the list.
  • Down Arrow button - moves a Factor or Subfactor down in the list.
  • Left Arrow button - moves a Factor or Subfactor out in the list.
  • Right Arrow button - moves a Factor or Subfactor in the list.
  • Grow/Shrink Font buttons - changes the font in the Project Evaluation Factors list for customized viewing.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Evaluation Approach page.
    • "Where Am I" button - opens the tool process flow diagram.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Work Products page.

To assign Importance, or weighting, to a Factor:

  • Select the Factor and assign an Importance by clicking the appropriate radio-button based on the five point scale. As you do this, the Importance Wording Preview section at the bottom of the page will update.
  • "Reorder Factors Based on Importance" button - click this button to reorder the Factors based on the importance levels you gave to each.
  • "Preview Wording" button - launches a dialog so you can view the Relative Importance for the entire Project based on the Importance you assigned each Factor. (See graphic below.)

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