PWS-WBS Manager

The first step while working in the Evaluation Factor process is to determine which PWS/WBS elements are going to be evaluated in your Source Selection Plan.

PWS/WBS Manager

Create a PWS/WBS by completing the following fields:

  • "Select PWS Items" button - navigates to the list of PWS items where you can select which ones are to be included in the Project. More information on this function is provided below.
  • "Add" button - opens a dialog where you can create a new PWS/WBS element.
  • "Edit" / "View" button - opens a dialog where you can edit/view an existing PWS/WBS element.
  • Up Arrow button - moves the selected PWS/WBS item up in the list.
  • Down Arrow button - moves the selected PWS/WBS item down in the list.
  • "Remove" button - deletes the selected PWS/WBS element. Please note: this action cannot be undone.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Project Information page.
    • "Where Am I" button - opens the tool process flow diagram.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Factors page.

PWS/WBS Section Editor

Edit or create a PWS/WBS by entering the fields below. Please note: if you imported a PWS from the ARRT Requirements Definition, these fields will already be filled in and will be uneditable.

  • Number - Required Field
  • Name - Required Field
  • Description
  • Source
  • PWS Name
  • Version
  • Date Updated
  • Complete?

Functionality on this form includes:

  • "Save and Close" button - commits your changes and closes the dialog.
  • "Cancel" button - discards your changes and closes the dialog.

Import PWS from ARRT Requirements Definition

Users who imported a project from the ARRT Requirements Definition will notice that the project's PWS sections are listed on this page. By default, only the WBS has been selected for inclusion.

  • Select/Deselect All checkbox- selects/deselects all of the PWS sections.
  • Include checkbox - select the PWS sections you want included in your PWS/WBS Manager by clicking these checkboxes.
  • Blue Section Links - opens the Section dialog for the specific section you click. Imported section can be viewed only and cannot be edited.
  • "Import PWS/WBS" button - click this button to import a different PWS/WBS from the ARRT Requirements Definition. More information on this function is provided below.

Import PWS/WBS

To import a PWS/WBS from a version of the ARRT Requirements Definition:

  • Select the file that contains the desired Project by clicking the "Browse" button.
    • Navigate to the file by searching for the folder where it is saved.
    • Click "OK" when you have selected the file.
  • Select the Project you want to import by clicking on the Project name in the box.
  • Click the "Import" button.
  • A confirmation box will appear if the Import was successful.

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