Main Page

The Main Page is the first screen you will see when the ARRT Evaluation Factors tool opens.

Main Page

After approving the Security Notice, you will come to the Main Page.

  • "Using Help" - learn more about the types of assistance that exist for the tool.
  • "Configure Tool Settings" - the ARRT Evaluation Factors is configurable. Changes at the "Tool level" affect all future projects that are created in the tool, enabling you to customize your template to best suit your needs and requirements. For more information on this, go to the Tool Settings page.
  • "Click Here to Begin" - navigates to the Project List so you can work on new or existing projects.
  • "About" - a brief overview of the ARRT Evaluation Factors and the Terms of Use and Support.
  • "Current User" - default is your MS Windows user ID.

Using Help

The Using Help form introduces you to the types of Help available while using the tool:

  • In-page Guidance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help Guide
  • Contact Us
  • On-site Training


The About form gives a brief description of the ARRT Evaluation Factors tool as well as information regarding terms of use and support.

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