Main Page

The Main Page is the first screen you will see when the ARRT Cost Estimation tool opens.

Main Page

Functionality on this page includes:

  • "Using Help" - learn more about the types of assistance available for the tool.
  • "Configure Tool Settings" - the ARRT Cost Estimation contains configurable Rate Tables for categories. For more information on this, go to the Tool Settings page.
  • "Click Here to Begin" - navigates to the Project List where you can create new Projects or select an existing Project to continue work on.
  • "About" - a brief overview of the ARRT Cost Estimation and the Terms of Use and Support.
  • "Current User" - default is your MS Windows user ID.

Using Help

The Using Help form introduces you to the types of Help available in the tool:

  • In-page Guidance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help Guide
  • Contact Us
  • On-site Training


The About form gives a brief description of the ARRT Cost Estimation tool as well as information regarding terms of use and support.

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