Cost Estimates

The Cost form displays the estimated values for each Cost Type in the project.

Cost Estimate Sheet

The Cost Estimate Sheet is the launch point for estimating costs.

  • You can view Minimum, Most Likely, Maximum, and Risk Adjusted estimated totals by toggling between these options at the top of the page.
  • Select a specific Contract Year from the dropdown list to view and/or edit.
  • Click on the Cost Type link you want to estimate to navigate to that Cost Type's summary page.
  • The completion graph to the right will update as you complete each Cost Type.

Other functionality on this page includes:

  • "Copy to Other Contract Years" button - launches a dialog where you can select data to copy from one Contract Year to another.
  • Blue Question Marks - you can mouse over or click on these buttons to view the formula used to calculate the Factor Loading Rates.
  • Process Flow
    • Left Arrow - navigates to the Requirements page.
    • "Where Am I" button - opens the tool process flow diagram.
    • Right Arrow - navigates to the Work Products page.

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