Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite


Welcome to the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite. The Suite is a collection of tools that help you build strategic elements of your acquisition documents by walking you through structured processes to help you ask and answer the right questions related to your acquisition. As you complete the process, the tool generates your work products in MS Word format for further editing and routing through the acquisition process.

The ARRT Suite includes a Requirements Definition tool, an Evaluation Factors tool, a Performance Assessment tool, and a Cost Estimation tool. These can be used independently or together to produce your work products. Future versions of the ARRT Suite will continue to improve these tools and add additional components.

To download a copy of the Suite, please go to the ARRT Registration form.


The ARRT Requirements Definition is a tool used to write performance-based requirements following the Requirements Roadmap process.  Using the tool, you can create Performance Work Statements (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP), and Performance Requirement Summaries (PRS).


The ARRT Evaluation Factors provides a simple, structured approach for developing your contract source selection factors. It walks you through a step by step process to set your factors and subfactors, describe what will be evaluated, and set their relative importance.


The ARRT Performance Assessment assists Contracting Officer's Representatives in creating and executing an assessment schedule that is in alignment with the QASP in order to prepare inputs for CPARS.


The ARRT Cost Estimation is a tool that guides you through the process of estimating costs of services detailed in the Performance Work Statement and helps you create an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE).