Service Acquisition Process

Every acquisition starts with a mission requirement that cannot be met with organic resources. If that mission need involves a service, the Acquisition Process will help guide you through the necessary steps for successful completion. By understanding and executing each step of the process you should be able to refine your requirement and supporting business strategy to deliver the mission results your stakeholders and customers require.

The process of acquiring a service contract is composed of seven steps.  Each step builds upon the previous step.  Therefore, completing this seven step process in order will help ensure your acquisition team delivers the performance results your stakeholders need as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To learn more about this process, mouse-over the wheel below for a brief summary of each step.  Click on the step to navigate to the corresponding page.

To assist in your Service Acquisition Training, watch the overview video by scrolling to the bottom of the page or clicking here.

Seven Step Overview Video - 4:06 min

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